Saturday, February 04, 2006

Home stretch

BC enters Saturday’s game at 4-4 in conference. Nine regular games remain and eight of those are in the ACC. This season has been a collection of frustrating moments and glimpses of promise. I think it is fair to say this team has enough talent and poise to beat anyone in the country. They also have enough overconfidence and limitations that they can lose any of these remaining games (they would really have to not show up to lose to Stony Brook).

All that said, I think the team finishes strong. 5-4 still gets them in the NCAA Tournament. But realistically this team should finish 7-2.

My breakdown:

Sweeping Virginia Tech.
Beating Stony Brook with ease.
Splitting with an underachieving Wake Forest.
Beating Clemson.
Beating Miami again.
Beating Virginia (probably our biggest remaining trap game).
Losing, but keeping it close with NC State.

If it plays out close to this, I think it will be a sign of this team’s metal for March. Coming out strong against Virginia Tech will be the first step.

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