Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A night to forget

I was in class last night, so I had to rely on scoreboard updates for Beanpot and Stony Brook results. Neither were good.

At the Garden, BC lost to BU again. I've been saying that I don't care...I lied. Not intentionally. It is just that seeing us lose to BU again pissed me off more than I expected it would. We can spin in it in a variety of ways (BU puts all their eggs in this basket, NCAA Championships mean more, etc.) but they own the Beanpot. Since it is only one game and the people change year to year, I am not sure what BC can do to break the BU strangle hold on the Beanpot Trophy. There's always next year...

Back at the Heights Stony Brook gave BC more trouble than they expected. I didn't hear the game and had a tough time figuring out what went wrong. You can attribute it to playing down to your opponent, and a little fatigue from the weekend, but that doesn't explain it all. Most of the recaps took the "lazy" angle. Fortunately the Herald came through with a reasonable explination:

"On virtually every possession, the Seawolves ran 20-25 seconds off the shot clock before looking to run their offense. The fact BC (20-5) allowed Stony Brook to dictate the pace irritated coach Al Skinner."

Based on the score, I suspected Stony Brook was stalling and I agree with Al that BC should be able to overcome this, but how come all the other writers took the lazy angle? This is just another example of good and bad coverage out there...that as well as the recent anniversaries of two of my favorite blogs (EDSBS and Gunslingers) and Ian's rambling epic to Valentine's Day got me thinking again about the mainstream media vs. bloggers. I have an I have Unabomber-like manifesto sitting on my hard drive on the topic. It is sprawling and lacks focus because there are so many things I want to say. I may unleash it one day. I may not. I will just say this in summation: thank goodness for competition and cheap technology. It rewards good work. Guys like LD, Orson and Ian can find loyal audiences that are searching for more than the rote stuff coming out of much of the mainstream sports media. The mainstream media still does some great things, but like all of us, they could always do better. Fortunately for all of us, good bloggers are raising the bar for everyone.

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