Friday, February 24, 2006

One game; many implications

Saturday’s rematch against NC State is not a must win, but BC’s performance will tell us a lot about their chances going forward.

A BC win would mean…
The first loss (and Virginia) were just off nights and this team is as good as the hype. A win would pretty much lock up a high seed for the ACC Tournament, provide another quality win for the RPI and eliminate any bubble talk.

A close loss would mean…
This team still has heart. NC State needs this win almost as much as BC, so it should be a dog fight. BC needs a solid effort after the first NC State debacle. A close loss still hurts RPI and leaves us on the bubble, but it would help morale.

Another blowout would mean…
The season is over. It would clearly put BC back on the bubble. But if this team doesn’t show up on Saturday, there is little to look forward too. If they give a lackadaisical effort on the road coming off a tough loss against a team that embarrassed them earlier this season, is there any reason to think they will play hard in the NCAAs?

I like our chances tomorrow. BC hasn’t been swept in a regular season series since 2002. I am predicting a win, a strong finish next week and a pretty good ACC tourney run.

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