Friday, February 10, 2006

Tentative Depth Chart

Early this week an Eagle Action poster listed his projected two deep for next fall. Below is mine. I didn't have any true freshman cracking the list. Partly based on TOB's love of redshirting and partly because BC fans have been burned enough by high expectations for kids who never set foot on the Heights.

Looking at this on paper, I really like the team. The questions marks are:
1. Who will start at Tight End given the new depth of the position?
2. Who will start where on the O line (there has been talk of moving Beekman to Center)?
3. How will we account for lack of depth on the D-line (considering how often we rotate d-lineman during the course of a game)?

All that factored in, things look good. (They always do in February.)

Position1st team2nd team
WRTony GonzalezBrandon Robinson
LTGosder CherilusRyan Poles
LGJames MartenShadu Moore
CJosh BeekmanPat Sheil
RGKevin SheridanTom Anevski
RTTy HallCliff Ramsey
WRKevin ChallengerTaylor Sele
FBMark PalmerPaddy Lynch
TERyan ThompsonJon Loyte
TBLV WhitworthAndre Callender
QBMatt RyanChris Crane

PJohn AyersBill Flutie
KRyan OhligerBill Flutie
KRDejuan Tribble Andre Callender
LSDan LennonPatrick Sullivan
DEKeith WillisJim Ramella
DTBJ RajiRon Brace
DTJustin BellJerry Willette
DENick LarkinAllan Smith
OLBBrian ToalRobert Francois
ILBJoLonn DunbarMike McLaughlin
OLBTyron PruittRay Lankford
CBDejuan TribbleTaji Morris
CBKevin AkinsClarence Megwa
FSJamie SilvaLarry Anam
SSRyan GlasperPaul Anderson

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MattyR08 said...

Looks very good to me. A couple things are we have a recruit (Jack Geiser) who I beleive was signed solely to be our LS. Also, I think BRob might/should start over Challenger, and same with Francois for Pruitt. Overall I think you hit it pretty well though.