Friday, April 14, 2006

ATL_eagle Scouting Service (BC’s Mel Kiper)

Since there are a few more prospects this season, I decided to roll out three different reports prior to the draft. This first contains my assessment of the guys unlikely to get drafted. All are hoping for some sort of pro career.

Ray Henderson. Ray is too small and maybe even too weak to play Linebacker in the NFL. Yet I think he could make a serviceable NFL safety. Ray is very good in coverage and has a real understanding for the passing game. Unfortunately I don’t think he’ll get that chance. His speed and lack of athleticism are not NFL quality. If he can sign on as a free agent and if he impresses, he may have a short career. I hope he does. I criticized Ray many times for his missed tackles, but he saved out butts on numerous occasions.

Ricky Brown. Brown impressed scouts with his speed during BC’s pro day. His size is slightly below average for an NFL linebacker. A solid tackler, Brown might be able to stick with an NFL team. He is not flashy and his numbers went down his senior year (due to less playing time) so I don’t think he will get drafted.

Quinton Porter. Porter has an NFL body. He doesn’t have an NFL arm or NFL body of accomplishments. Thousands of hours have been wasted (many of them on this blog) discussing what went wrong with Porter and who is to blame. Regardless of where you point the finger, all agree that Porter never really became comfortable running our offense. If he had trouble with our scheme, is there any hope he could adapt to the speed and complexity of the NFL? Some guys blossom late, but usually you have to have a cannon for an arm for NFL teams to wait for you to mature. Porter does not. I think he might be better off as a Tight End or possession Receiver. It doesn’t appear that anyone else is thinking of him in that way. Who knows? My guess is that he will get invited to some camps and get cut before August.

Francois Brochu. May have the best chance of all of these guys. Surely will not get drafted but good long snappers are always needed. If he catches on, he could turn it into a nice career.

Chris Miller. In my opinion, was one of the bigger disappointments of the season. Pretty good size, but never became a premiere blocker or even an average pass catcher. If Dave Kashetta did not get drafted, there is no way anyone will take a chance on Miller. I also think he is unlikely to make an NFL team as a free agent.

Al Washington. Good motor. Good kid. Good teammate. Just too small and slow for the NFL.

Jazzmen Williams. One of my favorites. Once again, too slow and too small for the NFL.

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