Monday, April 17, 2006

ATL_eagle Scouting Service (BC’s Mel Kiper) Part II

Part 1 of this series focused on the guys who are long shots to get drafted. This part focuses on the two offensive lineman who are expected to hear their names called.

Jeremy Trueblood. Projected to go in the second round, Trueblood has the size to play in the NFL. Some have questioned his conditioning and strength. Speed guys might give him trouble, but he is smart and has good balance for someone with his frame. He was prone to letting his emotions get away from him, but that probably serves as an asset in the NFL. I know he didn’t have the perfect Senior year but I don’t understand why he would fall into the second and maybe even third round. He’s an NFL lineman and should have a solid career.

Pat Ross. Given the success of our recent interior lineman (including Koppen, Woody and Snee), I bet many teams are viewing Ross as an under the radar prospect and potential steal. I like Pat and think he had a good Senior year, but I really think his success in the NFL will depend on the system. He is good in pass protection and reading coverage. Yet, ironically for someone who moves well, he is not a great open field/run blocker. This was something I noticed as the year progressed. This probably sound nitpicky given how well he and his linemates performed this year, but there were a few occasions where I found Pat not getting to the right space in time or ole-ing someone in the open field. A probably fourth or fifth round pick, Ross has the chance to be an NFL contributor in the right system.

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