Monday, April 03, 2006

News roundup

Slow time for BC sports...unless you count Hockey. I’ll focus on news and the Frozen Four this week and try to sprinkle in analysis here and there. In the coming weeks (and months), I’ll recap/preview the football team, do as many stat pieces as I have time, and preview all of our 2005 football opponents. Of course I’ll continue to post the frivolous fluff, the attempts at humor and anything else that pops up.

Here are my takes on recent headlines…

Two hockey articles from the Globe. The first is on Brian Boyle and his continued progression at BC. The second is on Jerry York and his ties to the “it” basketball coach, Jim Larranaga.

Looks like Tim O’Shea has a decent chance at the Seton Hall job. I am happy for Tim but sad that this won’t work out for me or BC. If he succeeds and builds a winner at Seton Hall, it is less likely he’ll return to BC if and when Al retires. If he doesn’t do well at Seton Hall, it would pretty much kill any chance he has to return to BC as the head man. So with BC out of the potential picture, I wish him the best of luck. I think he can build something in Jersey.

Speaking of college basketball coaches, Mike Jarvis might return to Boston as the Northeastern coach. Interesting how things work out. Jarvis turned his nose up at the BC job after O’Brien left and went hard after the St. John's job. We lucked out.

Here is an article on BC-bound Thomas Claiborne. Many bemoan the New England recruits, but I always thought the area was underrated for Football and overrated for Basketball. Because the prep football programs are not as strong, well coached or as popular as they are in other parts of the country, people dismiss New England football. In my mind an athlete is an athlete and TOB and staff should recruit and mold the local products. Plus as many have said, the Patriots' recent success and popularity is starting to bear fruit at the high school levels as more and better athletes play football. This surge in local talent will help BC immensely.

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