Monday, April 24, 2006

Weekend roundup

Saturday's Spring Game concluded one of the least eventful springs in a long line of uneventful springs. Many of the stars sat out of the game. Crane and Silva had the biggest days. Other names like Ryan and Whitworth were a little more uneven. The main storyline was the offensive line and who will fill the two open positions. It looks like Beekman is the only guy who knows where he will be next August. I am surprised that Ty Hall hasn't earned a starting spot yet. He is the most experienced of the second teamers and played well in place of Trueblood and Cherilus the last two seasons. I bet he will eventually win a starting spot.

One of our departing lineman, Pat Ross was featured in Monday's Globe. Dan Koppen's success has made him a popular guy on many draft boards.

Quinton Porter is hoping to make the NFL as a Free Agent. The Maine papers traditionally give him favorable coverage, so it suprised me to read about his mother questioning his football desire and the scouts' comments on his ability under pressure.

Another Kiwi feature combined with a Tamba Hali angle.

Here is an article on the high school combines. Some BC targets are mentioned.