Tuesday, May 16, 2006

ACC Revenue Review

Here are two good articles recapping the ACC meetings in Amelia Island (AJC and Charlotte Observer). Good news all around (great TV ratings, a plethora of NFL talent, the basketball coaches buying into the new league). However, one quote did catch my attention. A Clemson AD said “It's not a tremendous financial windfall whatsoever." He is referring to the approximately $7.5 million payout from the Conference’s shared revenue. While that is not a huge increase for the old ACC teams, it does represent a major increase for BC. Our old Big East payouts were lucky to be half that number on a given year and certainly would be less in the current Big East.

So in addition to joining a better academic and athletic conference with a more stable future, BC saw a surge in revenue sharing. Why was this a bad move?

BC will probably always look like the odd man out in the ACC, but this announcement reminds us again why it was the right move for the school.

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