Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Issues with Preview Issues

I have a problem. I eagerly anticipate the national previews on BC every season and every season I am ultimately disappointed in the end result. I bought Athlon’s ACC Preview this weekend. I recommend it for the scouting reports on our opponents. The section on BC was pretty hollow. It rehashed most of the stuff we already know made the glaring mistake of calling Matt Ryan a Senior.

CFN produced another thorough but still lacking preview too. While I think they accurately captured the “good, but not great” issues, I don’t think they have a good feel for key parts of the team. I think many writers are discounting how good Ryan can be, don’t realize how important Beekman is, and no one is primed for a huge year from Dunbar. Maybe I am getting too excited about Jolonn’s potential, but everything about him showed promise last year. All he needs to do is improve his coverage skills and he could be all conference.

This is the problem with any national coverage: inevitably passionate fans will know more than the guy who writes the snippet on their team. That is why I wish the Globe and Herald would step up their coverage or add more analysis. Both papers have premium access and a great platform. Unfortunately their previews rarely uncover anything new.

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