Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Globe's Year 1 review

This article in the Globe got people talking. Some critics looked at it as an example of Gene spinning about our successes, failures and future in the ACC. I didn't see it that way. Gene was being honest. I live down here and do think BC will continue to struggle in Spring sports. What some see as excuse making, I see as reality. However, there is no reason BC can't build its Spring Sports programs to ACC championship caliber...and that should be part of the bigger picture when looking at this article or evaluating BC's move to the ACC.

The move was not made for the 2005-2006 year. It was a huge decision designed to do what is best for the school for the long term. Our decision makers looked at the long-term horizon and said this is where BC needs to be. It wasn't about competing this year. It was about competing every year. To do that BC will need to build better facilities, deal with harsh weather and find better athletes. The school can and should -- "ever to excel" and all that stuff.

If BC had won every ACC championship this year it still would have been too early to evaluate the move. 25 years from now will be a good time to look back and ask "should BC have stayed in the ACC?" If the answer is "no" (which I doubt) it won't be because our baseball field was used as a parking lot in 2006. It will be because BC didn't put the right people in the right places. The ACC move was the right one, but there is still much to do.

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Alex L. said...

Good article. I think it has a good balance of positive and negative about our first year. Basically, we did well in the Fall and Winter and poorly in the Spring. But GDF showed tremendous foresight in making the move. The Big East is now so different in its current form then when we were there. It's like a new conference.