Thursday, June 08, 2006

Quick updates

Busy week and slow news. Friday I will continue the position preview. In the meantime...

BC moved quickly to fill the vacant Baseball coach position. Gene hired from within and named current assistant Mikio Aoki the new head man. Aoki does have head coaching experience although not winning record. Fortunately he knows the current guys and knows what it takes to win at BC. Best of luck to him. One other note, I think he is the first Asian head coach at BC. If anyone else knows of one prior to Aoki, please let me know.

Gene also took part in an online chat. Like the TOB chat, I applaud Gene for including some challenging questions. On the flip side, the format doesn't allow for follow up, so the spin on questions about our schedule can't be challenged. But it is progress. (So far Sports Information has ignored my requests for interviews with Bible and Spaz. Maybe Gene and/or TOB will agree to something this summer.)

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