Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stuff to read

The USA Today ran an ACC basketball notebook with BC featured first (yeah for alphabetical order). It includes some good quotes from Dudley and Skinner.

Craig Smith may get drafted afterall. Things are looking better and he is nearly recovered from his wrist injury.

Andy Katz is probably the most BC-friendly national writer (his dad is on the faculty). Backing the Eagles has proved fruitful since we continue to exceed national expectations. This year he has us as a preseason Top 25 team. One thing to look forward to later this summer or early fall -- Andy alerting us of this year's stud freshman. My guess is the coaching staff gives him the heads up based on the first practices and he then slips the little nugget into the Notes section of a column.

While we are not getting much respect with the mainstream football media, a few bloggers think we might have a really good year. In their roundtable answers, Sunday Morning Quarterback and Burnt Orange Nation picked us as their underrated team. I sort of agree with them. How are we not in anyone's preseason Top 25? TOB is a near lock for seven wins under most circumstances. With this year's joke of a schedule we should easily get to eight victories which would probably finish 23ish or so in the polls.


PB at BON said...

I'm not sure why BC gets overlooked a lot, but I'm not getting the sense that many are picking them to win a tough ACC, which they might just do. At the very least, they look like an easy Top 20 team; at best a Top 5-10 team. They're underrated :)

Anabasis said...

we'll see this every year until someone breaks out as a heisman threat. Sportswriters make bland predictions where they lean on recognizable names so they don't look bad if they get proven wrong. If BC wins the division then they're a "surprise team" and they can blame Clemson and FSU for collapsing, rather than admitting that they were wrong all along.