Monday, July 31, 2006

Big East Schadenfreude and other links

I know I should let the whole Big East thing go. I just can't. Irish Catholics are good at holding grudges. So every time something unfortunate happens to WVU, UConn and friends, I smile. Knowing that, you know I would enjoy this headline. Big East fans should not really care what one BC blogger thinks. The focus should be on their hapless Commissioner. Read the highly probably scenario Stewart Mandel spells out here. If Notre Dame struggles and Navy becomes bowl-eligible, good Big East teams will be scrambling for a bowl invite. Where is the leadership in Providence on that issue?

In basketball news, Craig Smith is adjusting to NBA life and Troy Bell is making progress in his boxing career.

Recruiting news: Brandon Brooks is not coming to BC.

Way down below in the notes section of this report, there is a little blurb on TOB visiting Patriots camp.

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