Monday, July 10, 2006

Boston fans

Believe it or not, these people decided to watch something other than the Red Sox game

The belief is Boston only cares about the Red Sox. The Old Towne team is the 800-pound gorilla in the market place, but the Hub is a huge region, with passionate people and diverse tastes. So next time you hear people say Boston doesn’t care about BC, don’t believe it. Look at BC’s TV ratings. They are great for a supposed under the radar team.

Yesterday was another reminder of how Boston fans will turn out for a good show and a winner. If BC were to break through and win something real (real conference, real bowl, etc.), it would be big in Boston. Real big.


BCMike said...

Although I would love to agree, I don't think you're recognizing the *why* behind what makes BC fly under the radar, ratings and support wise.

Here's why:

Boston is a fairly large city, and many of whom are transplants. This means many people came from different schools / areas, etc., and have their own alma matters from out of the area to cheer for.

This is no different than any other major city. Here's where Boston is different:

Boston has the highest concentration of institutions of higher learning than any place else on earth. Not exaggerating. It literally has the most schools out of anywhere in the world you could be. What does that do? Well, if you're a college kid, it makes it so that you feel weird cheering for a different school other than the one you're at. There really isn't one large dominant school in the area in terms of attendance/alumnus. You have to figure BUseless is as close as any for that distinction; and we all know the only D1 sport they're any good at is hockey. So once you get out of the college age population, let's look at what happens to them when they there are large companies that have graduates from a litany of different Boston schools. Everyone has their own, and is proud of their own, etc.

The bottom line is that Boston is too diverse academically, with the grand majority of it's residents being either in college, or college graduates. Almost everyone went somewhere...and almost all of them went somewhere else other then everyone else.

Alex L. said...

Could we see last year's TV ratings numbers?

ATL_eagle said...

Here is an older article that mentioned our TV numbers ( Jefferson-Pilot mentioned our great numbers too. Also, last year BC-FSU, BC-VT and BC-NCSU made ESPN's Top 15 in ratings.

As for Mike. I understand the reasons why BC has been under the radar, but I honestly believe another Flutie like moment or a real bowl win would get people in Boston talking.

Alex L. said...

Bill, your link does not show up right on the blog. This shortened link will go to the same page: