Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Globe no shows in Jax

Conference meetings walk the line between useful event and boondoggle. There is plenty of golf and whatnot to keep the writers happy. It may not be the best use of time, but it does give the media a chance to talk to all the coaches and all the star players at once. This stuff can be good for game previews, features, building networks, etc. I can see why a small paper on a tight budget wouldn’t go. I can’t understand why the Globe doesn’t have someone there. The largest newspaper in New England apparently did not send its BC beat writer or its College Sports writer to one of the premiere conference meetings that included the only Boston team playing DI-A football. Who knows? Vega and Blaudschun might be there. Neither has filed. Inexcusable.

The Herald did send Mike Shalin. He had a feature on the conference coaches validating BC and this notebook on the team. Things of note: Toal is healthy, Bell is not.

One other piece of news: the Orange Bowl is now slotted for the ACC champion.


tkow said...

Someone should get Jim Grobe some glasses: “I think they’ve got good skill players, but it’s very similar to having a Big Ten team coming into the ACC - they’ve got more size, they’re physical, tough, great special teams, they’re well-coached - but I think they bring a physical presence to the league where I think the ACC was seen as a speed conference. I think Boston College brings a new dimension. They’re going to walk out there and knock you down every snap.”

Alex L. said...

Not sure how much weight we can give each of these comments. I mean, of course they're going to say nice things. We've heard the Big Ten type comments before.