Friday, July 14, 2006

Grade inflation

When Auburn finished just behind BC (fourth overall) in the N.C.A.A.’s new rankings of student athletes’ academic progress, most were surprised. The school has never been known for its scholar football players. Now we have a better understanding of a factor in the school's recent academic success.

Jocks get away with a lot in college (and often get into schools they otherwise don't belong). It has been going on for decades and always takes a little bit of the fun out of collegiate athletics (for me, anyway). I’d like to think that if everything went professional and we gave up the sham of student athletes these things would go away. Unfortunately they won’t. There’s cheating at every level of sport. Even if colleges dropped all athletic scholarships and just put together local club teams, someone would still find a ringer or employ some illegal gimmick.

And not to say BC is above it all. There are certainly guys who wouldn’t get in if they couldn’t play a sport. And there are certain classes that are much easier than others. Yet, BC makes these guys and girls go to class and will sit them if they don’t follow the school rules. We’re not perfect, but I do take pride in my school doing things right and better than most.


Alex L. said...

I think most people realize that those rankings have very little substance. Very well put about BC: not infallible, but possesses higher standards than most.

Joe said...

One of my most proud moments as a BC fan was when Derrick Knight was flashed on the screen during games and it showed he was a finance major. BC's leading rusher, and brains? I love it.