Thursday, July 20, 2006

The ones that (thankfully) got away

Since New England does not produce much football talent it is always disappointing when a local boy gets away. Sometimes the staff doesn’t think much of the kid and sometimes we just strike out in recruiting him. However, occasionally you dodge a bullet when the recruits you lose end up as losers themselves.

Example 1: Duke QB and Mass product Zack Asack getting suspended for a year due to plagiarism.

Example 2: CT boys James Nixon and Bruce Campbell heading to Fork Union Academy after failing to meet NCAA qualifying standards.

Now I would have been happy if any of these guys has signed with BC. Just as I am happy now that we didn’t waste scholarships on them. Funny how that works.

Credit to the Eagle Insider posters for finding these stories.

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Joe said...

Nice work on the EDSBS shoutout.