Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pro signings and other news

This has been a heavy link week and not much original content. I'll have more new stuff Friday and then even some more next week. In the meantime, here are the latest links for you to check out:

Kiwi signed with the Giants. Glad to see it. More NFL rookies have hurt their careers by holding out of their first camps.

Kiwi's high school and college teammate Jeremy Trueblood finalized his deal with Tampa.

Troy Bell is trying boxing. I love Troy, but this seems like a major waste of time. He could still make very good money in Europe. Why waste time and risk injury to start a boxing career at 25?

Here's a nice feature on incoming Freshman Thomas Claiborne.

More complaining about Boise. While some of these factors contributed to us heading to Idaho, players need to remember that losing to UNC allowed it to happen. Hopefully that will serve as a reminder/motivator this season.

David Glenn with more on why the North Carolina schools struggle in football. I think he puts too much emphasis on the recruits per state. New Jersey has one of the best ratios in the country and Rutgers never wins.

Recent grad Alex Fowler is entering the BC blogging mix. Pray for his health and sanity.

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