Thursday, August 10, 2006

Chat with Gene

Gene DeFilippo will hold an online chat next Tuesday.

I submitted the following questions. I think they are pretty fair. They are prescreening, but nothing I've asked crosses any line. Hopefully he will address at least one of these.

1. What are the chances that NESN will broadcast the Maine game? Given our partnership with the Red Sox and the local interest, it would seem like a natural fit. Can you explain what sort of influence Fenway Sports has with NESN programming?

2. Are you concerned about this year’s football season ticket sales? Do you think home schedule needs more marquee opponents? What impact will this season sales have on our policy of scheduling DIAA opponents and non-BCS schools?

3. Can you clarify the ACC bowl arrangement? It seems that if the majority of teams are 5-3 and 4-4 in conference that BC will still fall to the least desirable bowls. Was there any discussion of not forcing a team to a certain bowl in consecutive years?

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