Friday, August 25, 2006

Questions about Depth

Here is the Depth Chart for Central Michigan.

It is BC and TOB, so there is clearly nothing shocking here. (We just don’t do shocking.)

However the release does raise some questions.

1. How often will Brandon Robinson be on the field? The star recruit of his class, BRob redshirted his first year and then barely saw the field last year. When he did play, he showed a spark that fans hoped for. Many thought he would be a starter by now. I still have faith. As the third option last year, Gonzo caught 28 passes and scored 5 TDs. I think BRob can at least match those numbers.

2. Who is the emergency QB? I think it has to be Billy Flutie. I know the staff wants to redshirt Ross Applegate. What happens if Ryan or Crane go down? Do they go with the best player? Do they waste Ross’ redshirt? Are the walk-ons even in the mix? TOB will never address these questions since it is speculation at this point. Hopefully Ryan stays healthy all year and it never becomes an issue.

3. Is Ty Hall the backup at more than one position? Hall is dinged up and it cost him a starting role at guard. He’s had time at both Tackles and even got a shot at Center. He is only listed as the backup Right Guard, but I bet he will be considered in other spots if needed.

4. Where is Pat Sheil? Another prized recruit who is missing from the list. He is still a Redshirt Freshman, so there is time for him. But given how fast past OLine prodigies were worked into the depth chart, I thought he’d be on the two deep by now.

5. When will the decision between Anderson and Bowman be made? Anderson looked great in limited time last year. It is encouraging that Bowman is playing well enough to challenge him. Since one of them will be replacing a three year starter, I think the guy needs to be named and given the time to prepare mentally for next week.

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