Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Season prediction Part II: worst-case scenario

This is part II of my possible predictions. I don't think the wheels will come off this season, but if things go bad it could play out like this.

Worst case scenario

At Central Michigan. Loss. The team comes out flat and never gets into the game. MAC teams continue their early season upsets (a la Ohio beating Pitt last season).

Clemson. Loss. Clemson is rolling and we are completely lost.

BYU. Win. BC finally bounces back and gives hope for the remainder of the season.

At NC State. Win. Even in a bad season, I think we will beat NC State.

Maine. Win. Three in a row raise spirits, even if one of the wins comes against Maine.

Virginia Tech. Loss. The mini-streak comes crashing back down to earth. Hokies romp.

At Florida State. Loss. BC shows more spirit than they did against Va Tech. Still loses.

Buffalo. Win. Buffalo is terrible. We don't lose this game under any circumstance.

At Wake Forest. Win. With the CMU game filling our WTF quota, BC actually plays well and gets the win in Winston-Salem.

Duke. Win. Duke might not beat a DI-A team this season.

Maryland. Loss. Both teams need this game. Maryland pulls it out.

At Miami. Loss. Miami is back and ESPN regrets putting BC on primetime. No Flutie memories. Just relief that the regular season is over.

6-6. This might still get us into a bowl. Probably Boise again. Even in a terrible season, I think TOB could do enough to beat a WAC team in a Idaho. The final tally: 7-6. Bowl streak intact but the fanbase clearly unhappy.

It shows you how easy our schedule is that even in a terrible season, we still get to .500 and make a bowl.

Check in tomorrow for my actual predictions.

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