Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thankful this week is over

Sorry for the delay. Thanks for all of your emails and patience as I tried to get my thoughts together about this crappy week. I'll address the hoops first then the meltdown in Miami with my AOL link.

I should have known things were going to go bad when the basketball teams lost Wednesday. I'll get more into hoops as the season progresses. I have not given up hope on them yet, but I am getting increasingly worried. It looks like things got better Saturday with the win over Rhode Island. Here is a real short summation that I can take away from the stats (I haven't been able to see a game yet thanks, ACC): last year we had one of the nation's most efficient offenses and a below average defense. This year the offense is not nearly as effective (yet) and our defense, while improved with Williams, has not picked up the slack yet. Williams will keep us in games. If Marshall and Spears can pick up the rebounding slack the team will be okay.

Now onto football. Here are my fair takeaways for AOL. I am beyond pissed. TOB has lost me for good. I am not calling for his head and I'll explain how I feel shortly, but we are stuck and have no way out until he retires or peter's out like his mentor George Welch did at UVA.

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