Sunday, December 03, 2006


BC is headed to Charlotte for the Meineke Car Care Bowl. This is not good, but probably not for the reasons you'd think. First let me get the following out of the way.

1. BC did not get screwed or shafted with this invite. We tied Maryland and Clemson. Head to head doesn't matter. All the bowls care about are ticket sales and we have not shown the same level of interest in these types of bowls as these other schools.
2. BC should never turn down a bowl invite. I hate the system and think we should lead the push towards a true playoff, but as long as this is the system, we need to play the game. I think the additional practices is an over used "bonus" to the bowls. But it does allow for one more game. It does allow the kids to legally get some cool stuff. And for us fans, it is still one more game to watch.
3. This is not Gene's fault. This is not John Swofford's fault. It is all on the coaches. A more compelling style of play, a better record the past few seasons and our fan base might be a little more excited (about everything).
4. The only way to deal with these games is to go and win. They should not be celebrated as a major triumph.
5. There is no difference between Champs, Music City and Meineke. You can say Charlotte is the least desirable city, but they are all held at odd times, out of driving distance and against uniteresting teams (Purdue? Kentucky?). BC would have had a low turnout for any of these games.
6. Wake proved this weekend that reaching the ultimate goal is possible for a school like BC. It won't happen every year, but it can happen. We need to raise the bar.

Why was this the worst case scenario?
-- Unlike Music City and Champs, this game has had relatively strong attendance. We will not travel well for this and will be blamed for the low figure.
-- We were at this game two years ago. This will put a drag on our already slow ticket sales
-- Navy is a well coached, non-BCS Conference team. Yes they are a solid program but it is a classic no win opponent. You are supposed to win, so if you win, there is an empty feeling. Losing looks really bad to the casual fans and recruits. Navy will be ready and will give us a game.
-- BC will be favored and likely extend our streak. The streak brings attention to our weak bowl schedule and we end up looking like the team that can beat a mid-major with a month to prepare, but cannot win a big regular season game.

I won't be going to Charlotte. I have a vacation scheduled and won't change my plans. I will watch the game. I encourage any of you that are interested to go. I've been to some of these lower-tier bowls and while they are not the Rose Bowl, they are fun. If you buy tickets, be sure to get them from BC. Every bit counts.

I hope the players have fun. We need to win. Losing would create even more problems. I'll have more on the match up in the coming weeks. Now, let's hope we get another shot of TOB in the racing suit.


ORDEagle said...

Well at least we're not Rutgers. A few weeks ago, they were undefeated, big national TV win and a top 10 team. They then have a WTF loss but still end up controlling their own destiny. They play for a chance to go to a BCS bowl but lose and now they get to go to something called the Texas Bowl. (Hey wait a minute, that sounds exactly like a BC team....)

flutie22phelan20 said...

You're normally spot-on with your commentary, but you're way off on this.

BC DID get shafted going to Charlotte--a totally undesirable location against an opponent that is a traditional PARENTS WEEKEND opponent.

And, the blame does fall at the feet of Gene D. How did schools get ahead of us in the bowl selection the past two years? Ticket sale guarantees.

BC charges $3,000 per season to park for home games. They're about to institute personal seat licenses for football. You don't think they have the funds to guarantee ticket sales, and then pay the difference if the fans don't meet the demand.

If Gene told you...hey, we went out and did what was best for our team and our fan base, we took a risk and now we need to pay for it...I ask you: wouldn't you buy a ticket? Wouldn't most fans you know buy a ticket?

If people actually got the sense that the AD was doing SOMETHING, then they'd reciprocate. Instead, it's more of the same.

And I don't want to hear one damn word about our bowl winning streak. I've been trying to think of a metaphor for it, and the best I can come up with is this: a basketball school bragging that it has won 7 straight 1st round games in the NIT.

ATL_eagle said...


Would you have gone to Orlando to see a above average Purdue team? Or Nashville to see Kentucky? Do you think there would have been a major shift in our fanbase to see either game? No way.

And you're off on Parents Weekend opponents. Those are saved for our DIAA teams. Ha.

flutie22phelan20 said...

I'll be going regardless, but the venue and the opponent are markedly worse than the other two options.

Charlotte is a boring city and will likely have crappy weather; we'll be playing a crappy team--one that, incidentally, WAS the parents weekend opponent my sophomore year.

Nashville is a fun, exciting city, that may not have the best weather. Is Kentucky an attractive on-the-field opponent? Probably not, but their fanbase is a fun one, and they will bring a lot of people. So, two markedly better aspects than the Car Care Bowl.

Orlando has a better climate, and a far better opponent. A trip down there would include not only the game, but also some golf--not likely in either of the two other cities.

I'm not sure whether the perception that the Athletic Department does NOTHING AT ALL to further the team and its fans interests is accurate...but it's widely held, and they do nothing to counter it. You simply cannot convince me that Maryland, finishing the season on an ugly losing streak, will bring markedly more people than BC would have.

Hoya Suxa said...

Flutie 22,

I actually went to the Music City Bowl when Syracuse played Kentucky.

Trust me, it wasn't the awesome time you think it is. And Syracuse won, which should tell you how much fun Nashville and the stadium actually is.

To me, going to Charlotte versus going to Nashville seems like a push, unless, of course, you're really really really really into country music and buildings that look like Batman.

ATL_eagle said...

I went to the 2001 Music City Bowl. There were maybe 4,000 BC fans there. It doesn't get people excited. At least then we were playing a ranked team and the Bowl things was still a little new.

BCweinerdog said...

flutie, what on earth happened to you in Charlotte that you loathe it so? I guess everyone likes some cities better than others (I happen to think Nashville is a pit, and like Charlotte), but attacking the weather? I would define them as "roughly equivalent," given that Charlotte is basically a couple hundred miles due East, but I actually looked it up and much to my surprise there *IS* a difference: Nashville is colder, rainier, and more overcast. Or, stated differently, just generally crappier.

Moreover, the Charlotte area has fantastic golf. To pass up those courses just because it's in the 50s outside is downright wussy. Grow a pair, or buy a windshirt.

Orlando may indeed be a much nicer climate, but c'mon, it's frickin' Mickey Mouse land. The golf, like everything else, is overhyped and overpriced. And as far as opponents go, is Purdue really that special? They didn't beat anyone good all year. And by good, I don't mean Top 25--I mean .500 or better. Seriously, 0-5--and that included a 30-point loss to lousy Iowa. I would have been howling at drawing such a garbage team; wouldn't you?

As far as fan bases go, Kentucky's may be fun, but will they even be there? Kentucky plays a home basketball game that night. Navy's will be there in full force, and they too are a fun and VERY classy bunch.

Anonymous said...

You and other alums should focus on yourselves and the AD for not being selected to the Music City or Champs Bowl. If BC had a history of supporting the team and following them to bowls you probably would be going to a better bowl. Your AD got outsold by both the Maryland and Clemson AD's. Tom O'Brien is one of the class coaches in the country and has brought a consistency to winning at BC--with integrity and high graduation rates.

I'm not a BC alum but be careful what you wish for. If you lose Coach O'Brien you may get an exciting, flamboyant coach who goes 5-6 or 6-5. What would you rather have?

Joe Grav said...


Alex L. said...

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

flutie22phelan20 said... I told you, I'll be going to Charlotte--without my clubs, but anyway. The problem is that should the bowl have been at a cool location (and yes, I think Nashville qualifies), I'd be traveling with 20 or so people rather than 5. You know it's much easier to convince people to head to Orlando than it is to Charlotte, so don't pretend otherwise. Bill's post on T'OB here: It says what I think about the situation better than just about anything. We're all tired of the guy...and he seems to have no ambition at all, almost resigned to the fact that BC will never be any better than this. Whatever school you support, you know you would not want a coach like that. So please don't tell us to be happy with what we have.