Monday, December 18, 2006

Don’t give Eagle Action another penny

Stop your payments to Eagle Action. That is my advice.

I’ve been wrong in this process and plenty of times in my blog, but there are a few things you can count on:
1. I am free,
2. I am not hiding who I am (here and here) or what my ties are to BC,
3. that I am first and foremost a fan who wants to see BC reach its potential.

Giving any money to the fools at Eagle Action is just throwing it away. Give that $200 to charity or the BC fund, because you’ll get a lot more value out of it. During this process Mike Farrell has been exposed as someone with no insight into BC and dwindling credibility. In the past week he has floated or reported that it was Whipple, then Jags, then Clawson (yet he keeps spelling it ClOwson), then Whipple, then Jay Norvell, then Spaz and now he is floating Jags again. Worst of all Eagle Action continues to duplicitously create nom de plumes for their writers when they don’t want to put their credibility on the line. If you want news mixed with rumors, just read the free message boards. That is where the TOB stuff first broke and will likely be where the first new coach confirmation gets posted.

Stanton Farrell may still be the leader in pestering high school boys about their recruiting trips, but the guy is out of the loop regarding real BC information. His sources were all TOB guys. He may rebuild connections with the new staff, but don’t reward him for slinging s-it during this process.

Eagle Chevy runs a constantly improving site at Eagle Insider, I suggest you spend your time there.


Alex F. said...

I agree--my subscription just rolled over to a new month so I may as well hang on to it for the next few weeks but I won't be paying them any more

Meaghan said...


BREAKING SPORTS NEWS: Boston College has found a replacement for football coach Tom O’Brien. The Globe’s Mark Blaudschun is reporting that, according to BC sources, Packers offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski will be named to take O’Brien’s place as head coach of the BC Eagles. --Developing

Anabasis said...

how do I cancel my subscription? I've been sick of EA for months but thought I was stuck in a year long subscription or something. I'd appreciate the help. Thanks

ATL_eagle said...

Call your credit card company.

Anabasis said...

Thanks ATL