Wednesday, December 06, 2006

For Gene's consideration, Part I: The TOB Tree

Gene Defilippo’s legacy will be our move to the ACC. However, Football is our flagship sport and we are at a crossroads. The decisions Gene makes over the next few weeks are critical. No one from BC has asked for my advice, but think these are the paths we could and should follow. Regardless of which pool or path you want, I think the new head coach needs two traits.
1. Has to believe BC can win an ACC championship. Not every year but occasionally.
2. Has to respect and support BC’s belief in the student athlete. The focus on graduation predates TOB. I think we have used it as a crutch for bad losses, but I don’t want to see the philosophy trashed. Wake Forest proved you can graduate players and compete.

Some fans are worried that we will never find another coach like TOB. BS. Numerous guys can get us into the Tire Bowl every year. There are only 119 head jobs out there and thousands of assistants looking for their shot. We can find a good Head Coach. I have broken down the pools of candidate into a series of posts.

Part I: The TOB Tree

There are many aspects about the TOB reign that the administration is pleased with (kids staying out of trouble, good academics, consistency). I can see them wanting to continue that tradition by picking someone who is familiar with the school and worked with TOB. All these guys were on TOB's BC staff at one point or another.

Al Golden. Head Coach, Temple.
Pros: Renowned Recruiter. Aggressive. Experience in the ACC and at BC.
Cons: Sometimes a better self promoter than actual talent evaluator. Would view BC as a stepping stone. Didn’t look all that great at Temple this season.
Bottom Line: If Golden had not taken the Temple job last season, he would be the leading candidate right now.

Dave Magazu. Tight Ends Coach, Carolina Panthers.
Pros: Key member of TOB’s early days. Well respected Offensive Line coach and evaluator. Son Dom is a current BC Commit.
Cons: No Head Coaching experience. Supposedly very gruff (to an extreme).
Bottom Line: I don’t think he will be seriously considered but we could do a lot worse.

Jeff Jagodzinski. Offensive Coordinator, Green Bay Packers.
Pros: Great NFL experience. Good line coach and would bring back a focus on the running game. Aggressive recruiter.
Cons: Remember the four straight runs in the closing minutes of the 1998 Notre Dame game? Although it might have been TOB’s call, Jags was on the head set for that.
Bottom Line: Might not want the job as he has been an NFL guy since he left BC.

Franks Spaziani. Defensive Coordinator, Boston College.
Pros: Would be the most seamless hire. Could probably keep a good portion of the staff and recruits. Would be a popular choice with a good portion of the fan base
Cons: Would be an equally unpopular choice with another group of fans. Spaz deserves his fair share of blame for some of TOB’s debacles (like Syracuse and the NC State collapse).
Bottom Line: He will get an interview. If he is the pick, Gene and Leahy would have taken this huge opportunity and gone extremely safe, conservative and dull.


flutie22phelan20 said...

I hope Gene D has asked Spaz to stay on for the bowl game. He's the safe hire for the program--not my first choice, but definitely on the list--and having him here over the next three weeks will be a huge asset.

Anonymous said...

two big black eyes for Spaz, in my opinion -- Final drive for NC State and final first half drive for Miami, both inexcusible.

Unknown said...

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