Saturday, December 09, 2006

Head Coaches: Interim and Rumored

Boston Fox affiliates are reporting that BC is close to hiring former UMass coach and current Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Coach Mark Whipple. I have heard that Whipple is a finalist, but that nothing is done. Eagle Insider Poster BCWest, who has a solid track record in this process, is saying that Whipple and one other guy are in the mix and the decision is days, not weeks away.

I would be very happy with the Whipple hire. We’ll see how it plays out. In the meantime here are some old links on Whip.

-- Globe profile
-- Steelers bio
-- UMass bio

Spaz will coach the Car Care Bowl. His title is interim. This makes sense and I think Spaz and the current staff can get us ready to play. Spaz deserves thanks for doing this since it is highly unlikely that he will get a shot at the real job.


Rich said...

You've got a great candidate without even leaving Mass. Don Brown, I believe his name is, has UMass in the 1-AA title game with a heckuva team. Probably wouldn't take a fortune to get him, and moving costs would be nuthin'.

DougBushBC said...

I am very excited about the prospect of Whipple. He is exciting, he uses the pass, and he is a known WINNER. Thats a key for me here.

Beyond that, I sure hope that Spaz stays on for DC, I know he is a great DC and a good guy, I have ripped on him in the past, but in a tough spot he can flat STOP progress.

Anonymous said...

If Whipple is the guy, it cannot be overstated how significant a moment this will be in BC sports history. You all know how I feel about Whipple. He is an amazing, exciting coach with incredible offensive abilities. He is the anti-O'Brien. This team will be exciting, move the ball with ease, and win championships, especially if he can get a DC with talent close to his on the the offensive side. I am sooooooo fired up for this. For those of you unfamiliar with Whipple, I encourage you to check out his record - he has won championships everywhere, and at places (New Haven, Brown, UMass) that never won before. UMass has been on the national radar for about 10 years and it all started with Whipple. UMass was essentially Northeastern before Whipple got there, a local entry that went 4-6 or 5-5 every year with yawns all around. They won a national championship with Whipple and are on the brink of winning a second one with the foundation Whipple built. If you told someone in 1995 that UMass would be where they are right now, they'd say "are you kidding me?" That will be BC in 5 years. Mark my words. We should all be rejoicing. Halcyon days at the Heights for sure. I'm looking at a huge Whipple Boner.

flutie22phelan20 said...


Wondering who this mystery candidate is. The only clue he gave was that he's "not currently available."


Anonymous said...

Tulsa head coach?

ATL_eagle said...

My guess on the mystery candidat is that he is an NFL guy whose seaosn won't be over until the playoffs start.

flutie22phelan20 said...

NFL candidate meaning HC or a coordinator. Would RC be meaningful initials?

Anonymous said...

"2) He talked openly of possibly raiding BC’s recruits. That’s kind of a stunner, but personally, I would have zero problem with it."

is this a true statement?

seems an unusual stance by a stand up coach.