Friday, December 15, 2006

Link round up

The Globe brought out their heavy artillery this morning in favor of Whipple. He was the focus of this Bob Ryan story. Blaudschun called Whip the "front-runner in confidence and accomplishment." Vega took a more news focused approach and updated the situation with Spaz and Gilbride, but did mention a potential schedule for Whipple to visit campus. Obviously Whipple would be popular with the local media. The Herald ignored BC and focused on UMass’ current DIAA playoff run.

Here is a little more background on Jags that the message board posters found. First a recent article on his zone blocking schemes. Here an older item on leaving BC for Green Bay. This link from the AP has Jags “no commenting” about the process.

If Clawson doesn’t get the job, at least he generated a lot of positive press. In this article his former boss calls Clawson a rising star.

Unrelated to the coaching article on former BC player Derric Rossy’s progression as a boxer.

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