Thursday, December 14, 2006

Links and the latest ranking

Here is some background on the ACC Championship Game. After a good first year, the Georgia Tech-Wake Forest Matchup hurt attendance and TV ratings.

Gene was busy in Jersey. Everyone knows about Gilbride, but now word is out that he also met with Clawson.

Former BC and current Steeler QB Brian St. Pierre thinks Whipple would be perfect for BC.

This is a little old, but Josh Beekman made the first team All America team. Congrats. (I actually thought Josh played better last season.)

Finally, my latest hunch. The list below is purely my speculation based on stuff people sent and our AD's actions.

Current Ranking
1. Mark Whipple -- neutral
2. Jeff Jagodzinski -- he would be 1a if I had it
3. Dave Clawson -- rising
4. Al Golden -- rising
5. Kevin Gilbride -- falling


flutie22phelan20 said...

Said in the Globe that Golden turned down an interview request.

Also, what's the deal with Clawson? Yesterday it seemed that Gene D was trying to convinve him to be a coordinator; now it seems like he's one of the few remaining candidates for the head spot? I will say this flat out: it would be completely illogical to hire somebody with a resume as flimsy as Clawson's when Whipple...and even Spaz seem to want the job badly.

ATL_eagle said...

C'mon. You're going to believe that Golden turned Gene away. Just like he turned down Charlie Weis or was going to stay at Penn State forever. One thing Golden is good at is controlling his own press and image. He wanted the job and was networking for it. I think he put the spin out when it became obvious he wasnt' going to get it. I don't think Clawson is going to get the job. I think it is down to Whipple and Jags.