Thursday, December 28, 2006

Now we've got a problem

Wow. I know we were without Dudley, but you cannot lose this game. This is a huge hole and the team will have to have an outstanding year in ACC play to make the tournement. Good wins against Michigan State and UMass will help, but this loss to Duquesne and earlier trip up against Vermont will be real killers.

Congrats to Sean Williams for his triple double. His improved play is the lone bright spot of the season so far.


flutie22phelan20 said...

yikes, it's looking more and more like Dudley's senior season will end the way Troy Bell's did...time for Al and the new assistants to coach 'em up, the guard play (on O & D) is miles away from where it needs to be.

sammie said...

the sky is falling-see my comment to the VNavy game post. Williams was incredable. Officiating killed us, but we did have a 10 point lead with under 5 to play. I ask though, what is Roche doing here. In 4 minutes he showed that he cannot play here. At the end of the game he couldn't even foul a guy off an inbounds pass. They played a 6 man rotation. Rice and Williams went the distance.

Williams has played his way into the NBA for next year. We are looking for lean times ahead guys. The kid out of St Andrews is probably not going to qualify to play next year. He is below the line right now. Will have to do a year at Prep school, if he doesn't make it.

This year's recruits do not look like they will have a huge impact. Spears 24 min-0 points-4 fouls-1 big turnover. This was not against Duke. The other 2 should be at Drexel of Hartford.


LKeagle said...

I know this sounds demanding, but S-Wills needs to do more than put up impressive numbers. He needs to lose the attitude and start playing with some poise. He looked like an absolute dick against KU last weekend - talking shit to the Kansas players (when we were losing by 20) and whining after every whistle. Tonight he got called for a pivotal technical and than an intentional foul a few seconds later. And oh yeah, he was suspended the entire first semester last year and the first couple games this year. Grow up, asshole.

LKeagle said...

Yeah, that was harsh. I appreciate that Williams is a tremendous talent, it just pisses me off that he seems to believe talent is the only thing that matters. If he could add some work ethic and common sense to his talent, he would be a much better player and maybe BC would have won tonight.

ambury said...

please do not say that sean does not have a work ethic. I assume you have seen the difference from last year to this year... he can handle the ball in the post on offense, has developed a couple moves, and can really shoot his free throws now.

did he have a couple questionable fouls at the end tonight? YES. But the game should not have been decided at that point, and this team's problems are deeper than sean williams. he has been much more than anyone could have expected this year, and you cannot blame him.

Maryland Conservatarian said...

do you think this loss has anything to do with the physical beating Holy Cross put on BC last year. I know that's why Whining Al dropped them from the schedule - for the safety of his players - but maybe he waited a year too late...

sammie said...

Al does not whine. He plays them as they come. Duke and UNC 4 games apart? Be serious. Get the fact straight. He will play anyone. Don't forget good old Jim OB would not play UMASS or any local schools because BC had "nothing to gain". HC was dropped this year because of the Kansas game and to accomodate Northeatern and Fairfield-departed assistant coaches. Also, anyone not at the game should not comment on Sean Williams. Both the T and the intentional foul were rediculous calls. Williams had gotten mugged the prvious time down the floor and they made no call. I was on the floor-he did not even use the "f" word to the ref.

Anabasis said...

I agree with LK. Sean is a punk and if he weren't putting up historic numbers I can't imagine many people would still want him around the Heights. Discipline and hustle are severely lacking this year, allowing opponents to expose our lack of depth and experience beyond #3. I'm not going to say the sky is falling but we can't afford another bad loss if we don't want to limp into the NIT as a low seed. But the only way I'm tolerating a team with obvious problems with discipline is if said program is producing on the court, and I'm not seeing that.

Fix it, Al.

Bravesbill said...

I must say, Al Skinner can recruit quit well, he seems to find a diamond in the rough in players that no one else wants. However, he has got to be one of the worst in-game coaches I have ever seen. I don't think I've seen him make halftime adjustments in 7 years. Blowing a 10 point lead with 5 minutes left against a team that had half of its players shot up before the season is inexcusable. The only silver lining through the loss is that BC is adjusting to not playing with Dudley on the court so when he is healthy, they won't have to rely on him to produce the scoring load every game like they have in the past.

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