Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Purely Speculative Ranking

Let me repeat that I am not a reporter on this. The list below is purely my speculation based on stuff people sent and our AD's actions.

Current Ranking
1. Mark Whipple -- neutral
2. Jeff Jagodzinski -- continues to rise
3. Dave Clawson -- neutral
4. Kevin Gilbride -- rising
5. Steve Kragthorpe -- neutral


Alex F. said...

If it's Gilbride I will kill myself

Alex L. said...

This article from the Globe (link below) pretty confidently says that Whipple is the first choice and the other interviews are merely insurance in case the Whipple deal fails. Sounds like Gene is just doing due diligence at this point.

I wonder what Spaz must be thinking. He hasn't even been interviewed yet. He's paraphrased as saying he's interested in the job. Does that mean he's definitely NOT going to NCST with TOB? I wouldn't have a problem with Spaz as DC under Whipple. Spaz might be able to do a better job as Whipple's assistant. At the same time, he might also be sick of constantly playing second fiddle.

Anonymous said...

This is great, great news. Whipple is awesome. I have lengthier comments are at my blog at

GordonsLeftFoot said...

Hopefully the rumors are true. After reading about him more and more over the past few days I think Whipple is the perfect hire.

Best case scenario would be if Whipple is hired and Spaz stays as DC.