Saturday, December 16, 2006

So much for the Saturday announcement

Sorry for getting anyone's hopes up. I am just as frustrated as everyone else. The "Saturday announcement" thing came from two different places. But it looks like they were off. The following is all my opinion so take it for what it is worth:
-- Whipple came into the process as the favorite. He was the first interviewed. The longer this process takes the better it would seem for the other guys.
-- Jags interviewed well and has BC ties. While he might not be as popular with the fanbase, that fact that he is still involved speaks well for his chances.
-- I really would be shocked if anyone outside of Jags or Whipple gets the job. Norvell seems like such a long shot: no BC ties and not nearly as qualified as Jags or Whipple. Clawson would also be hard to justify.
-- The only way someone other than Jgas or Whipple gets it is if a new name who has not been interviewed yet threw his name in VERY LATE. But for BC to put the brakes on because of someone new, he would have to be clearly better than the two guys they have waiting.
-- With the NCAA recruiting Dead Period starting December 18, I think the urgency is starting to lessen. Gene has correctly decided to make the right hire, rather than rush so that the new coach can have a day or two to work the phones with recruits.

So I still don't know anything and I don't think there are many guys out there that do. So here are my latest rankings. I really do think it is Jags or Whipple.

Current Ranking
1. Mark Whipple -- neutral
2. Jeff Jagodzinski -- right behind
3. NA
4. NA
5. NA


Anonymous said...

What about Spaz? Eagles on the west coast are talking up darkhorse Jim Harbaugh (yes, the former quarterback Doug had to contend with) who is at University of San Diego and a contender at Stanford.

ATL_eagle said...

I don't think there are any new candidates. I also don't think we'll go with Spaz. I still believe it is down to Whip and Jags.

Anonymous said...

Amid all the absurd speculation, I won't be the list bit surprised if someone like Norm Chow or Lee Corse is announced head coach.