Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Why I like Jags Part I

I am writing this late at night and plan on producing much more thorough content on Jags, but let me start with the least rational reason I am excited. I am excited about Jags because he is excited about being the Head Coach at Boston College. His passion, aggresiveness and vision got him this job. That means a lot to me. If Mark Whipple came off as indifferent or unconcerned about the BC community as a whole, then I say good riddance. Our last coach has been itching to get out of Boston for five years. Little did he realize how lucky he was. Boston College is a unique school, community and football program. Jeff Jagodzinski embraced that uniqueness during this process. Like it our not, the Head Football Coach is the most visible member of the Boston College community. I don't know about you, but having a cold fish who mooned for other programs rubbed me the wrong way. Every time someone shared a little nugget about Jags and his understanding of BC, I got more and more excited. You wouldn't believe the relationships he still has with former BC players. I had no influence in this process but these guys took the time to write short and long testimonials on a guy who only coached them two years but has remained in their lives another eight. That says something to me.

For Boston College to reach that next level, we are going to need special players. For those special players to come to BC, we need a leader who understands how to sell our school and what type of kids will excel here. Jags, more than any other candidate, communicated that plan. For that I am excited.

TOB has been invisible among non-Boston alums. Jags is reportedly ready to hit the rubber chicken circuit and invest time with Boston College fans and alums around the country. Isn't that refreshing? Instead of having a Head Coach blaming us for his bowl problems, we have a guy who wants to hear from us.

I am not naive enough to think that Jags will be here forever or that he will not explore other opportunities. But like Coughlin, I think Jags will always hold a special place in his heart for the Heights. And if he has the same sort of success as Coughlin, I'll be sad to see him go, but wish him the best.

Football is an emotional sport. I am glad we finally have someone willing to show that emotion. As someone on one of the message boards said, "we are lucky to have Jags, he is a very good coach and even a better person."


Option Right said...

Thanks, Bill. I needed to hear that.

Anonymous said...


I hope you are correct. I have heard some ex-players and coaches think highly of him.

Frankly, from what has been written in the Boston Globe and from my contacts, it appears that ego-maniac Gene still thinks he is a football coach and wants to be in full control of the coach. Leahy was particularly enamored with his "catholic upbringing and lifestyle" (this from Leahy's closest friend out at Marquette).

It matters not who he can bring onto his staff in the immediate future, next year is a critical time for this team and we will have a head coach who is learning on the job.

Whipple wanted to name his own staff and wanted to upgrade the non conference schedule, particularly in years when Duke would be a home game. This did not fit into Gene's "schedule to successs".

If this fails, we will know where to look. Though it is being written as a move of stability, I view it as a big gamble.

Even with FSU and Miami coming in next year, the ticket license could take a hit on attendance. Let us not forget, much to the dismay of season ticket holders, the Duke game was $10.00 ticket game and Maryland & Buffalo were discount specials. A stumble next year would be a killer for credibility.

This is Gene's house, he will have to live in it.


xu9697 said...

If Jags is listening to alums & fans, then:

"Coach Jags: BC is a great school with a very solid football tradition. Besides the obvious of looking good on the field in the way your kids play, please, please, please acknowledge the tradition of this school & team & adorn your kids in more classic uniforms. Borrowing from our Eastern roots & neighbors, stick with a more traditional & classic look exemplified by Penn State, Army, Navy & (to some extents) Syracuse. Avoid the temptations of the look of a WVU, or a Maryland and all the funky lines, funky #'s & new-age design. We are BC!"

ATL_eagle said...

Great call, xu. NO MORE ITALICS!!!

flutie22phelan20 said...

What do you make of the tone the Herald and Globe articles took today, specifically that Jags "impressed" Gene D with his willingness to acquiesce to Gene's staff ideas. That doesn't sound right to me.

Also, any idea on whether certain staff members actually will stay; Spaz's comment in the paper today seemed to say, "All I know is that some other dude's the coach, and I'm outta here"

ATL_eagle said...

I think the Gene pressure is overblown. Every staff has holdovers. McGovern was going to be on Whip's staff too. It is natural for Jags to keep some of these guys since they are in his circle. I bet Spaz will stay. I think people will be pleasantly surprised by the Jags staff, where as Whipple supposedly wanted a bunch of DIAA guys.

ORDEagle said...

Just in case you are interested in historical parallells, about 15 years ago a pro coordinator who was formerly an assistant at BC and had no head coaching experience replaced a 10 year veteran coach who had trouble beating the tough teams, was uninspiring to the fans by the end and never held himself, his staff or the players accountable for losses.

Replacing Jack Bicknell with Tom Coughlin worked out pretty well for BC.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of friends who played for Whipple, and they'd run through a wall for him. So let's call that a wash. I'm still waiting to see or hear something concrete that makes Jags the better candidate. I don't think there are any, and his resume causes me a lot of concern for the reasons outlined in my blog. I really think GDF just blew it here. That said, I am nonetheless excited about a fresh new face who will bring some enthusiasm to the position, the program desperately needed that. TOB was a dead fish, and I KNOW it cost us a slew of WTF games over the years.

Jamie M said...

Bill - great stuff throughout this whole process.

I'm highly skeptical of the decision and your endorsement is only thing that tempers my disappointment. I hope you're right about Jags, but I think that Whip understood the area and I think he's getting a bum-deal on wanting to get his own guys in there. We need to ask what we wanted in a new head coach and that is a new direction and energy to the program. Keeping the status quo of coaches undercuts that intent. Also, I'm tired of hearing about Whip's taking JuCo guys to win at UMass - did he do the same thing when he was winning at Brown? Hell no. Whip has proven that he can flat-out coach, win and recruit. Jags is much more of an unproven commodity, and many of us are pissed that GeneD went in a direction that is far more risky for reasons other than football.

sammie said...


Also like the traditional uniforms and logo, but when was the last time you saw anyone with a Penn State tee shirt. And even they have new wave lion. It is all about merchandizing and $$$$. Gene will call the shots and that. Control-that is why Jags is the new coach.

Gladchuck took a hit from everyone for the athletic department coming into the new age. Yes, he did have an abrasive personality, but he got alot done. (ok-Henning was a big mistake). Gene is being given a free ride. It is all about money and his control.

This is a control hiring. I just hope the guy can coach, but I fear he will stumble and bumble out of the box.

You will see pretty early. Big OL recruit John Elliot was leaning towards BC now looks like Rutgers. Does Mr. O-line have the credibility to bring him in. Devon Ramsey-an early commit and pretty big recruit-is rumored to be out of here. Can Jags keep him. If we lose Ramsey, that will tell you what lies ahead

Unknown said...

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