Friday, January 12, 2007

Half Full or Half Empty?

Everyone is worried about this year’s recruiting class. It was not going to be all that great to begin with, so I am giving Jags a huge pass on it (plus there is still time to find a kid or two). But what I want to address is the perception that TOB left the cupboard full. I say “sort of.” Without question the 2007 team is very talented. They also face a brutal schedule.

What concerns me is the 2008 season. TOB’s 2004 class lacked depth and his 2005 class was his worst. Fortunately 2006 proved to be good. But 2004, 2005 and this year’s transition class will probably hurt Jags 2008 season and could drag down 2009. Take a look at the Depth Chart and how much time each kid will have. I didn not include current commits since we don't know who will actually sign.

2008 Depth Chart

QB – Crane (final year of eligibility), Applegate/Flutie (three years of eligibility)
TB – Brooks (final year of eligibility) or Smith (two years of eligibility)
FB – Walls (one year of eligibility), McLaughlin? (two years of eligibility)
Tackle – Lapham (three years of eligibility), then who?
Tackle – Sheil (two years of eligibility), then who?
Guard – Tennant (two years of eligibility), then who?
Guard – Ramsey (one year of eligibility) or Huggins (one year of eligibility)
Center – Murphy (one year of eligibility), then who?
WR – Brandon Robinson (one year of eligibility), Jarvis (two years of eligibility)
WR – Megwa (two years of eligibility), Gunnell (two years of eligibility)
TE – Purvis (one year of eligibility), McMichael (three years of eligibility)

So as you can see we are solid at WR, TE, and QB. But very thin in the backfield and Oline U looks awfully thin. Fortunately we have a good Oline coach.

DE – Ramella (two years of eligibility), Giles (two years of eligibility)
DE – Albright (two years of eligibility), Smith (two years of eligibility)
DT – Claiborne (three years of eligibility), Tougas (one year of eligibility)
DT – Willette (one year of eligibility), Scafe (three years of eligibility)
LB – Herzlich (two years of eligibility),
LB – Francois (one year of eligibility), Bagan (three years of eligibility)
LB – McCluskey (three years of eligibility
CB – Fox (three years of eligibility), Smith (two years of eligibility)
CB – Goodwin (three years of eligibility)
S – Rollins (two years of eligibility, Bowman (two years of eligibility)
S – Davis (two years of eligibility)

We are talented at DE. Talented but thin at LB and DB.

So as you can see, TOB really failed us regarding depth and out right failed for us at Offensive Line. The group listed above can compete in the ACC, but will need help. They won’t get too much from the 2007 class, which means Jags and Company will really need to bring in a great class next year. I think they will do it, but if they struggle don’t buy the TOB left the cupboard full criticism.


Melman said...

Ron Brace should be back in 2008 too. Also, some of the firm recruits will add depth for the 2008 season. I'm think that Will Thompson will add LB depth, Schepis will start at Center, Richman and Plue will be the back up tackles. Ramsay could be the fullback or back up RB. I don't think we should discount the 2007 class as being extremely valuable for the 2008 season and beyond.

AHC said...

Shouldn't Aikins be a senior LB in 2008. He is listed as one of your three defensive MVPs for 2006. I expect him to be even better in the next two years after adjusting to the switch from CB.