Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Al rumor, Gene D extension and links

In the comments section of a prior post, Jeff linked to this Daily News blog mentioning the "Al leaving BC for the Charlotte Bobcats" rumor. This could happen, but I don't see it. Let me explain and address the other hoops rumor while we're at it. I am hardly an insider. My only interaction with Al over the past five years was at the Clemson postgame press conference. However, I occasionally talk to and hear from others around the program. At the Georgia Tech game I specifically asked a pretty good source about the rumored Al/Gene discord and about Spears leaving. This is what I got back and I believe: 1. Al and Gene are on good terms. 2. Al loves the NBA game but it would have to be a sweet deal to leave and he wants his girls to go to BC. Given the Bobcats' rep for being really cheap, I don't see Al taking the job. If this were the Knicks or Nets or someone was going to break the bank, I'd be concerned. But I don't think Al is going to leave the BC to be the NBA's lowest paid coach in Charlotte. 3. I don't think Spears is leaving. His girlfriend is set to play at Virginia Tech next season, so "going home" won't bring him any closer to her. He had a legit injury down the stretch. Who knows...he may leave but I doubt it.

Gene is going to be with us a few more years. Well deserved in my opinion. The ACC move and the TOB divorce were delicate and could have blown up in 10 different ways. Gene got us through them relatively unscathed. Hats off.

Think you're paying a lot for football parking? Some UGA fans are putting up 30K next year. BTW, all nonstudent UGA season ticket holders most donate to the school.

Regular reader Tom C. sent along this article on changes in the NCAA admissions rules. Don't think this will help us much. I am all for the bar being raised higher, but I think the football and basketball factories will always find a way to get the kids they want.

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GordonsLeftFoot said...

Along the lines of your last part about academics.

I caught some of "Costas Now" last night on HBO. He did a piece on allegations by a former Miami prof that some of his students were illiterate and received special treatment. Shalala was interviewed, along with a couple of other professors. Shalala really comes off (because she is) as a curmudgeon. Interesting segment, though, it was followed by a round table with Reggie Miller, Costas, NCAA Head Myles Brand and a Wash Post columnist.

Unfortunately, BC's graduation rate in Athletics wasn't mentioned as the exception.

There is also an in depth interview with Coach K. Really quality stuff, if anyone has HBO I recommend checking it out On Demand.