Friday, March 30, 2007

Basketball Season Grades: Tyrese Rice

Dudley carried the team, but we expected that going into the season. The bigger quesiton mark was Tyrese Rice. Could he handle the point? Could he step up? He answered...big time. Rice was the second best player on the team, one of the better players in the ACC and is the future of BC basketball.

Rice improved but still had a few weaknesses. His defense is still average. He had trouble with the press. He still had a few games where he was too careless with the ball. But those were the few problems. Everything else was great.

Rice proved he could score every game. He can create his own shot. Off screens he is deadly. He is tough and not afraid to drive into traffic. He has great touch around the basket and from beyond the arc. He is our most clutch foul shooter. He learned to distribute.

Great season for a great kid. Rumors keep popping up about Rice testing the draft. I hope (and think) this isn't true. He needs to come back and keep getting better and we need him to carry the team next year.

Grade: A-

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flutie22phelan20 said...

Over the past ten years, I'm not sure I remember a player that improved more from his freshman to sophomore season than Rice. And even within this season. He went from a question mark to an absolute joy to watch.

I don't think he has a pro game now, and, unfortunately, I don't think he'll have one two years from now either. That said, it might not be terrible for him to test the waters this year--see what he needs to work on, and then come back to BC eager to do just that. I cannot see him actually entering the draft though--he'd be the next Eric Barkley or Marcus's not the answer.