Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday links and getting on the Tennessee bandwagon

A Superfan before the Superfans

Upset BC didn’t go further in the Big Dance? So is the ACC. Here is a breakdown of how the tourney money is earned on WRAL’s blog.

Boston folks probably heard more about this than they wanted, but Eagle fans outside the Hub might have missed this mini-scandal involving a BC Law student and a risqué photo shoot for Barstool Sports. I don’t see what the big deal is? Even if a BC student posed nude, I don’t think there is much the school can and should do about it. This shoot wasn’t all that different from the types of things you’d see in Maxim or FHM or even SI’s swimsuit issue. I doubt Reynolds got paid much for this. Maybe she can parlay this into an FSU cowgirl thing if the story ever goes national. Finally, and I am sure others will disagree, but I don’t think she is all that great. Look at this photo gallery. Sure, she is tall, thin, blonde, but I don’t know…just nothing special (feel free to disagree in the comments section).

Finally with BC out, I am turning my allegiance to the one “BC guy” left in the tournament -- Bruce Pearl. I know many inside and outside of BC dislike him and see him as sort of a used car salesman, but there is something about him I like. Even if he didn’t go to BC, I’d still get a kick out of the sweaty suits, the panting his body, and the PTI interviews. He is obviously very smart and doesn’t take himself to seriously. In a sport ruled by the likes of Coach K and Calhoun, who carry themselves like they are above everything, Pearl is refreshing.

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