Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Quick links

I'll have a guest blogger lined up for the Texas Tech game and some other things lined up for Tuesday. Until then, here are some links:

Over at the AOL Fanhouse we are putting up Spring previews. Yesterday I wrote one for Georgia Tech. Here is my take on BC.

Last year I wrote the Deadspin preview for BC. This year Brian Scheid beat me to it. I don't know Brian or his connection to BC but if anyone does know him send along my congrats. He did a good job.

For the most part we are getting ignored by the pundits, however, Luke Winn thinks we are overrated.


matthew2 said...

I think luke winn is overrated

BCweinerdog said...

It's amusing to me how he's talking himself into not liking BC. They did go 10-6 in the strongest conference in America, BUT... They do have the only All-American in the section of the bracket, BUT...

Even better is how he says there are lots of 8,9,and 10 seeds that are better, because we don't have a single good conference road victory. Then he names a handful of schools that have a combined total of one such victory.

TMDavin said...

I've never been a big fan of Luke Winn. He seems to always be on the bandwagon of whatever teams are hot at the moment. That said, we've got to go out and win to get respect, simple as that.