Thursday, April 12, 2007

Alum news and bowl stuff

Thanks to Jim G. for sending along this link on BC grad Mark Schmidt. The former BC hoopster is the leading candidate for the St. Bonaventure. While at BC he roomed with Flutie and with Tim o'Shea.

Here is my take on Navy getting an invite to a bowl in April. This got me thinking about the ACC situation and the conference's need to improve its lower end bowls. I am all for a playoff, but as long as there is a bowl system why not make deals and/or create bowls that better fit the ACC's geography. There is no reason the 8th place ACC team should go to Boise. Why not work with the Redskins and put a bowl in DC at Fedex Field? The game would be an easy sell for the Virginia teams and Maryland. The Tobacco Road schools could drive and it is a reasonable flight from Boston. Leave the other slot open and invite Navy every other year and a worthy MAC or Big East team for the other slot.

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Haz said...

The problem with your bowl idea ist hat it makes to much sense.