Saturday, April 21, 2007

Everyone take a deep breadth

You’ve gotta love Mark Blaudschun’s headline on the Turner departure (we’ll be getting more of Blaudschun and less of Vega in the coming months…and that is not good). The departure, as well as some expected and out in the open turnover on the administrative side has fired up the speculation and concern on the message boards. Everyone needs to relax. What should be reassuring to all is that this is being taken care of now instead of lingering into the next year. The staff needs to be on the same page and regardless of whose spin you want to believe, the change is proof that one member wasn’t…and it was addressed quickly.

And as we learned under TOB what really matters is not what you hear or I hear or what Eagle Action writers post or what the Globe says. What matters is what happens on the field. Wish Turner the best but give our new coach and staff the time they need to make the program their own.

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