Friday, April 20, 2007

Jags as OC: Game 10, Syracuse 1997

During the Syracuse game the offense was pedestrian. They moved the ball but couldn’t score enough and lost at the Dome. Here are the stats:

Stat Line
First downs 13
Rushed-yards 40-144
Passing yards 171
Sacked-yards lost 1-6
Return yards 23
Passes 12-20-1
Punts 7-43.7
Fumbles-lost 2-1
Penalties-yards 3-20
Time of possession 30:38

What can we learn from the game? Jags will use the personel given him. For those of you who erased all memory of the Henning era, TOB inherited a roster that was overloaded with Tight Ends. They moved them as appropriate, but still were left with more than they needed. Instead of letting them languish, Jags did incorporate his talent. In this game alone Dragos, Guazzo, Tardio, and Pollack all caught passes. Chamberlin and Hemmert (two other guys who played multiple positions over their careers) also caugh balls. One thing that was unfortunate about this game is that Cloud had clearly established himself yet was still splitting carries with Walker.

We lost the game but Syracuse was playing very well at the time. The next game would be the bright spot and the birth of the Superfans.

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