Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jags as OC: Game 9, Pitt 1997

While this series is about Jags as OC, going back over the games made me realize that many of my (and others’) complaints over the past few years are a product of TOB, not his assistant coaches. For example in this game we had special teams problems and ran a questionable two-point conversion. Does that sound like a team you know?

The offense really clicked against Pitt – yet it didn’t translate to the scoreboard. In the end, we pulled out in bad weather with a late drive. Here are the stats.

Stat Line
First downs 22
Rushed-yards 31-136
Passing yards 268
Sacked-yards lost 2-15
Return yards 6
Passes 24-38-0
Punts 5-45.8
Fumbles-lost 2-1
Penalties-yards 3-20
Time of possession 34:15

What can we learn from the game? This was a well called game. Good balance of run and pass. Good adjustments after falling behind early. But we’ve seen all of that before. The Jags' takeaway from this game was the two minute drill he called to win the game. BC chipped away with some short plays and then MHass hit DiCosmo for a long pass to set up the final kick.

Give the team, TOB and Jags credit…they pulled out of their tailspin and it was largely due to that drive.

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