Monday, April 16, 2007

Scrimmage rumblings

There was nothing in the papers and nothing on about the first scrimmage on Saturday. However, Gridiron Club members were invited and also met with Jags before the on-field stuff. (If you are in the area and live and die BC, you should probably join the Gridiron Club. Well worth the $50 membership fee.)

First the good news: Jags came off very well in the meeting. He took questions from the audience. Nothing ground breaking in his answers, but he I keep hearing how passionate he comes off and how likeable he seems.

The offense looked very similar to the TOB unit. By next fall, I am sure you’ll see more of the options, running QBs, and “wide open, pass happy” stuff that the Globe and Herald mentioned in their spring articles. But these new guys are smart. They are not going to change the identity of the school nor misuse the current roster because they are married to one style of play. It will be a gradual transition to the new scheme.

The defense looked very good. That’s expected with the so much returning talent and the coaching consistency.

The bad news: the offensive line looked very sloppy. I’ve heard rumblings prior to the game, but this sort of confirmed it. The starting from line consisted of Cherilus, Poles, Sheridan, Anevski and Sheil. Sheil went down early with a reported knee issue. Hall filled in for him. TOB apologists will blame the poor line play on the adjustment to Jags’ zone blocking scheme. Don’t buy it. We are looking a steap drop off in talent from recent years. I would say this is the least talented line we’ve sent out in five or six years. Fortunately Jags and Turner have time to get these guys up to speed.

One other note from Andrew F. who was at the scrimmage and Q&A. One of the Gridiron Club guys asked about Jags recruiting mobile QBs. He explained, and I am paraphrasing here, that the nice thing about recruiting athletic QBs is that if they don’t work out as passers, you can often move them to other positions like safety or WR. This makes senses and confirms that these guys are going to continue to recruit this position differently.


Anonymous said...

"At BC, nine or 10 wins a year was about as good as you could do," Tom O'Brien said Saturday, after his first North Carolina State spring game. "The sky is the limit here. We're not here to win nine or 10 a year. We're here to win more."

What a douche bad(pared my french) TOb was.Thank god he's gone.

wolfpack1 said...

it's douche bag you douche bag