Monday, May 21, 2007

Jags as OC: Season 2, Georgia Tech

With the first season thoroughly rehashed, it is time to move onto Jags second season as offensive coordinator under TOB. The first game of the 1998 campaign was a shocking upset of Georgia Tech in Atlanta. This would prove to be one of TOB’s better wins as Tech was in the middle of a pretty good run. As you’ll see, the offense really made the difference.

Stat Line
First downs 25
Rushed-yards 52-271
Passing yards 220
Sacked-yards lost 0-0
Return yards 21
Passes 16-26-0
Punts 4-47.5
Fumbles-lost 0-0
Penalties-yards 3-30
Time of possession 32:42

What can we learn from the game? Despite the loss of Matt Hasselbeck and Omari Walker, the offense did not change dramatically. Jags got the ball to Mike Cloud and let him explode for more than 200 yards. Scott Mutryn put together a controlled but unspectacular day. It was good to see the new line continue to bloom and the offense replace key pieces without issue.

As we’ll see, the 1998 offense was relatively prolific for the TOB era, yet the record did not improve (and the defensive coordinator would eventually take the fall).

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Mutedric said...

How is 220 on 16-26 passing unspectacular? You are pretty harsh or stupid. That was a tremendous offensive performance against a team that went 10-2 for the year with their other loss vs FSU