Monday, June 25, 2007

Another ATL Eagle

Atlanta-area QB prospect Justin Tuggle committed to BC Monday. I am not a recruiting expert, but there are some very good signs about the commitment.
1. Northview is a new, well-respected school in the Atlanta suburbs. (I live about 10 minutes away.) Growing up and playing in Gwinnett County, you can be assured that Tuggle was well coached and played against very strong competition.
2. Tuggle is the son of former Atlanta Falcon All Pro Jessie Tuggle. While this doesn't guarantee anything, it probably means that his size, speed and athleticism are very real. It also speaks well to how the new staff is impressing football people. Jessie Tuggle has been around football his whole life. He is not going to send his kid to a school 1,000 miles from home unless he thinks the kid will blossom and win.
3. Tuggle had solid offers. While we didn't beat out Florida like we did for Haden, Tuggle had offers from BCS programs like Miss St. and Indiana. If he was willing to play other positions he would have had offers from every school in the SEC.

Good luck to Jessie and congrats to the new staff as they continue to bring in solid kids.


LAEagle said...

I think I'm the only one who's not thrilled with this signing...sure his videos look great, but I still feel like we really settled, especially since no one heard of this guy until he signed....I hope I'm wrong, and I guess we'll find out soon enough...poor chris johnson...

Bravesbill said...

How does signing a 1-star recruit exciting? Even TOB was able to land these type of recruits fairly consistently.