Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gut reaction to NBA Draft

Here is my instant analysis. Winner: Sean Williams. Loser: Jared Dudley.

Going a little further, Williams lucked out into a top pick despite his past and very green skill set. I think Williams will do well in their system. He can come off the bench, change games defensively and get some easy baskets from Jason Kidd. My big fear for Sean is who will keep him in line and motivated? Kidd is a moody loner going through a high profile break up. Carter only thinks about Carter. Their coach Frank doesn't give off that task master and/or babysitter vibe that Williams will need. I am sure there are good people on the Nets who will look out for Sean, but right now it doesn't seem like any of the big influencers will.

I feel for Dudley. I think there is a very good chance he'll wash out in Charlotte and have to wait for a chance on a different team. Right now Charlotte has good depth at the wing positions. Wallace is a known contributor and Morrison, who struggled last season, will get more shots and minutes than Dudley will next year. I think Dudley is a much better player than Morrison, but the Bobcats have invested much more energy, money and pride in Morrison. Who do you think is going to get the most attention and chance to improve: the high profile guy or the late first rounder who many fans don't know?


Unknown said...
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GordonsLeftFoot said...

Dudley went a good 13 picks ahead of where he was projected. He gets a guaranteed contract and is on a team where he can contribute immediately. I hardly think he is the loser here. If anything, the only unfortunate part about last night is that Williams went ahead of him. While that was pretty much inevitable, it would have been nice to see Duds the 1st Eagle drafted.

Just like I did when Smitty and the T-wolves came to Boston, I plan on going to the Bobcats to cheer on #3.

ATL_eagle said...

I think Jared will be a very good NBA player. When I say "loser" I mean that he is unlucky. He's going to an aimless, cheap organization with little fan support and joins a team that is already stacked at the wing positions. Sure it is more money than San Antonio, but the Spurs would have been a much better fit.