Monday, June 11, 2007

Jags as OC: Season 2, Virginia Tech

If this blog had been around in 1998, I might have raked Jags over the coals for the Virginia Tech game. His two years were a great run, but this was the obvious stinker. First the stats and then the story.

Stat Line
First downs 15
Rushed-yards 47-179
Passing yards 116
Sacked-yards lost 3-26
Return yards 15
Passes 10-20-3
Punts 7-30.1
Fumbles-lost 4-1
Penalties-yards 7-78
Time of possession 33:53

What can we learn from the game? A good play caller can have a bad day. Like some recent October games at the Heights, the weather was not kind. Slick balls created turnover problems for both teams. My criticism of the play calling at the time was that we were able to run the ball on them at will and didn't stay with it. Cloud alone racked up 186 yards. But pass plays in the red zone led to INTs, including a run back for a TD. This was the heart of VT’s ascent and their defense was playing really well. But if we had just played more conservative in the weather, we might have stolen the game. In other games, I’ve praised Jags for adjusting, so in this case, I have to be fair and say it was a mistake to continue passing.

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