Friday, June 15, 2007

More Brighton campus nonsense

This blog will remain focused on BC sports, but all this nonsense over the school's plans for the Brighton campus needs a little attention. (Plus it is the summer.) Check out these two letters to the editors of the TAB.

On quieter nights, slammed car doors, skateboarding and shouting continue to awaken us. Another unpleasantness — student houses are uncared for and marked by trash.

First of all, most BC students don't have cars and even fewer have skateboards so it is probably not a student making that noise. Shouting? Perhaps. Uncared for houses? I'll give them that. But to get this supposed blight out of the neighborhood, shouldn't you welcome more on campus dorms? Not according to this different complainer.

How exactly is BC taking students OUT of the Allston-Brighton community by placing them precisely IN the heart of that community, i.e, in the former archdiocese’s grounds? The argument that students are better monitored in dorms than in off-campus apartments is irrelevant and misleading, unless BC is willing to provide security guards whose duty would be to guarantee the good behavior of every student who will roam in and out of the proposed residence, freely enjoy the grounds around it, and drive in and out of the proposed dorm.

We all know that BC will not do so, if nothing else because it would be unconstitutional. The right way to for BC to get students OUT of the neighborhood is to increase the density of dorms in the BC Chestnut Hill campus.

More dorms on Lower is the answer (since attempts to do anything on upper, college road or newton has already been shot down), eh? Have they seen how dense Lower is? There is no where else to go. The author of the second letter also disputes the whole "didn't you notice the school when you moved in" arguement with some claim that they've been their for generations. Nonsense. And I know from prior generations, BC kids haven't changed much either.

There is really no pleasing these people.


Joe Grav said...

i've never met a single kid who skateboards at boston college.. dingbats

we should just annex Brighton and if they put up a fight, invade

Unknown said...

Interesting article in Mike Reiss's patriot blog:

June 15, 2007
Teachers at heart
By Mike Reiss, Globe Staff
When the Patriots hold passing camp, minicamp or training camp workouts, it is not uncommon to see college coaches watching from the practice fields. What can college coaches take from the experience?

"Probably more than anything, it's reinforcement," Boston College defensive coordinator Frank Spaziani said Friday morning. "What we do, at our level, is teach. And then you see those guys, on that level, and they're still teaching, finding ways to motivate guys who are making millions of dollars. That's one of the things you notice about the Patriots' staff -- they're teachers."

Spaziani, who was a guest at the Patriots' minicamp last week, said he'll often relay his experience at Patriots practices with his players, and at times will institute a similar drill that the Patriots run into the Eagles' practices.

"Overall, you leave with an appreciation for how the practice is organized and how the team works at the practice," he said.