Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fall fashion

The BC Stadium (fka Whale) Pants arrived. They are glorious. A perfect combination of style, tradition, fanaticism, and comfort. I now have to make a decision: what do I wear with the perfect pants?

I could go with the SuperFan t-shirt but I don't think the yellow works well with the khaki.

There is always the classic BC t-shirt. But I am turning 31 this season and becoming an old fart. I'll probably wear a polo or golf shirt with the new pants.

While my priorities can often be questioned, my family is still No. 1. Want proof? I went ahead and got my wife an outfit that every woman wants -- the BC stadium skirt. Also check out the woman's retro sports fitted t-shirt (another new addition to the BC fashion trend).


nomisto said...

Hey atleagle,
May I suggest that you add a touch of southern class to your ensemble and wear with your whalers a white Brooks Brothers oxford combined with a maroon and gold rep tie, and BC baseball cap. A classic...

Unknown said...

where can i find that last bc retro t-shirt?

BCMike said...


I bet the wife is thrilled with the skirt. She's such a trooper :)

ATL_eagle said...


Email me and I hook you up with the BC retro girls shirt.