Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Have you heard the one...?

A few weeks ago some posters on Eagle Insider started predicting what anecdotes the TV broadcasters would trot out for the upcoming season. You’ll remember such past classics like: “Kiwi’s grandfather was Prime Minister…” “O’Brien overcoming the gambling scandal…” “Aponavicius was a SuperFan…”

By halftime of the second game you’re already tired of hearing them, but the TV folks keep trotting them out there. It is so silly. The broadcast team should assume that the majority of the people watching BC have been watching BC play all season. And to those folks just tuning in? I am sorry but I think they can still enjoy the game without hearing that “BC has the longest bowl winning streak in the nation…”

Here are my early guesses on things we’ll hear over and over again. (Credit goes to the Eagle Insider posters for putting the spark in my mind for a few of these.)

1. “Flutie is the nephew of BC legend…” We got a taste of this last year, but Billy was redshirting and never saw the field. Now that he’ll be catching balls, it will be endless. I think all BC fans will get a kick out of it…the first 100 or so times.

2. “Ayers in on the BC baseball team too…” This has been mentioned in the past, but his at bat against Dice-K in Spring Training could pump up the interest.

3. “That play looked a lot like one Brett Favre use to make for Jags…” The media obsession with Favre is well known. What has surprised me is how often Jags and Matt Ryan are getting asked about the Green Bay QB. Jags has done a great job of deflecting the comparison and saying that Ryan is more like Matt Hasselbeck. Yet for some reason I don’t think that will be the end of it.

4. “BC is still trying to fill the void left by Brian Toal…” Toal is a good player and will be missed, but not to the extent that the whole world is predicting. I expect at least one sideline shot of Brian in street clothes and mention per game, especially around the goal line.

5. “BC is installing the new zone blocking…” This is inevitable. If the line plays well it will be because of the zone blocking. If the line plays poorly it will be because of the zone blocking. Whatever happens expect a lot of talk about the five guys upfront.


Erik said...

Definitely Ayers against the Red Sox.

Unknown said...

Don't forget "The Eagles were run by the former marine Tom O'Brien before he left for conference rivals N.C. State", that will be said every game, and then have some other tangent as well. This one will be the most annoying for me after a while.